Save money and increase security with a cloud server.

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    What can switching to the cloud do for you?

    The cloud replaces everything a server has done for you in the past and includes a handful of additional benefits.

    • Data Storage
    • Software Hosting
    • Website Hosting
    • Security Systems
    • Virtual Machines
    • Network Infrastructure
    • Increased Security
    • Data Redundancy
    • 100% Uptime with Vertical Computers
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    Vertical Computers Cloud Services

    Because Vertical Computers customizes a plan for each business, you don’t have to fit into a one size fits all plan.

    The best part? You never pay for services you don’t need.

    Peace of Mind

    We promise your data is secured and backed up with no worries!


    Disaster Recovery

    For when you can’t afford to go down. Be ready for any disaster, anytime.

    Offsite Backup

    Don’t keep the future of your company in a thumb drive on your desk.- let us keep your legacy secure

    Virtual Private Servers

    Instead of buying and maintaining a server, just use ours! We’ll do the hard work for you.


    Take those noisy expensive servers in your closet and put them in our top tier data center.

    Much More

    Speak to our team about ways that we can launch your business forward.

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    The big reasons small and medium sized businesses are moving to the cloud.

    Say Goodbye to:

    • Expensive Outages

    • Lacking Resources to Manage Servers

    Say Hello to:

    • 100% Uptime

    • Affordability

    • Simplicity

    • Increased Security

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    Vertical Computers Offers More Benefits Than Any Other Provider

    We own all of our own cloud infrastructure and we invest our time, resources, and expertise to ensuring our 100% uptime guarantee. This means your business doesn’t have to endure the downtime that others do when they choose a weaker cloud provider.

    The Vertical Computers Stress-Free IT Plan

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    We’ll implement stress-free IT services you need to grow your business.

    3. Get Time Back to Focus on What You do Best

    Stress-free IT with 24/7 support means you spend less time fighting your technology and more time doing what you love.

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    $950 Value!

    Get Your 100% Free, No Obligation Cloud Consultation

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