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Always try the "big three" below before contacting us for support. We will ask if you did!

For a number of reasons, your device (computer, smart phone, tablet, smart TV, etc.) likes to be restarted. This includes both restarting (a.k.a. rebooting), as well as shutting down (a.k.a. powering off) and then powering back on.

This cycle clears memory, flushes cache, closes all running programs, as well as many other tasks, all which may very likely fix the problem you are having.
Believe it or not, many many many....many times, we find devices are not turned on. You can usually tell that a device is not on by an indicator light.

Confirm that it is on, and if it isn't, turn it on!
Double and triple check that all power cables, network cables, and "whatever-else" cables are plugged in correctly and firmly.
Power cables: you can typically confirm that they are connected by turning the device on, or by some light indicating the device is on and powered.
Network cables: you can typically confirm that they are connect correctly by listening for a click when inserting them. Also, if they are properly connected, you should notice lights flashing near the insertion point.
Monitor cables: make sure they are pushed in all the way. If they have screws on the connectors, screw them in.
Printers and other devices: many devices use USB connectors. Try plugging in to a different USB port on your computer.

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Remote Support

Most IT issues can be resolved remotely. This application will allow one of our technicians to access your computer or device in order to provide you with remote support. If you have not been instructed by someone in our company to create a remote support session, please fill out the form above to create a support ticket first.

If you see the white box on the right:
1. Briefly describe your computer or device
Examples: Front Desk 2, Home, Back Office 1
2. Click Start Session
3. Follow the on screen instructions
4. Once connected, one of our technicians will assist you

If you do not see the white box on the right:
Download the Windows alternative here
Download the Mac alternative here

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