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Managed IT Services

Empower your users with IT support that they’ll actually like.

Business Phone Services

Unleash a Voice over IP system that will change the way you engage with customers.

Cloud Services

Work directly with a trusted, experienced company and move your business to the future. 

Backup and DR Services

Secure your data, and have a disaster recovery plan that just works.

Are you achieving your business' highest potential?

  • Are your systems inefficient?
  • Are you losing time and productivity? 
  • Are you frustrated with inferior support? 
  • Are you secure from Ransomware threats? 
  • Are you staying competitive in your industry? 
  • Should you really need an IT degree to run your business? 

Think Vertically.

Don't be the company that falls behind. Companies who piece together their vendors have less synergy, less clarity, and ultimately less success. The Vertical Method will help you.


Stay safe from security threats.


Simplify your work day.


Put time and money back in your pocket.


Launch your business to the cutting edge of your field.

Managed IT Services

We know that IT is not your area of expertise, and we don’t think it should be. Our experienced and certified Support team is standing by to answer your IT questions. We are not "IT People." We're regular people, who specialize in IT (ever met an "IT guy?" Then you know what we're talking about.) 

VoIP Services

Sure, your phones ring when they're supposed to. But ask yourself; is your phone system making your life better, or is it just letting you make phone calls? As a fully managed VoIP provider with market-leading knowledge and technology, we think you can be getting more out of that thing on your desk. 

We used the Vertical Computers team to install a new phone system for the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce. The process was seamless and the team did a great job.

Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce

Zeb Welborn

I love the innovation and simplicity VC brings to the table when talking solutions and implementing improvements to our systems.

Director of Operations Inland Hills Church

Heather Russell

Our dedicated servers with Vertical Computers run so much faster than at our previous host, and we feel we have a great team behind us now to help us provide great service to our customers.

Pixelark LLC

CEO Jeret Slack

Cloud Services

We know that the Cloud can be a daunting subject. There are dozens of factors to consider before pushing any infrastructure to the cloud. That's why our customers rely on us to help them design the most powerful, secure, and cost-effective strategy for taking this jump into the modern age of business. We own all of our own cloud infrastructure and we invest our time, resources, and expertise into ensuring our 100% uptime guarantee, so you don't have to. 

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Offsite backup is no longer a good idea-it is a crucial business practice. New threats are being created every day, and unprepared businesses are more and more often being forced to pay high ransoms and are losing priceless data. It is not right that you should lose your hard-earned business to a ransomware attacker, and that's why Vertical has taking an exhaustive approach to securing our customer's most precious resource; their data.

Let us secure your legacy.