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Vertical Computers provides all aspects of IT services. From hosting to “help-desking”, we make IT simple, giving you peace of mind. Have you ever heard an IT Professional say something like, “Hmm, I’ve never seen this problem before”? Have you ever been frustrated trying to communicate with your IT Professional or in listening to them explain to you in some foreign IT lingo why things aren’t working correctly? Have you learned to just live with certain technical annoyances because you were told they couldn’t be fixed?

As technology continues to broaden and advance, IT frustrations seem only to increase. That being said, it can be difficult to efficiently staff and hire qualified IT personnel. Also, most IT Managers choose to outsource certain aspects of technology that they don’t feel comfortable tackling, thus raising the total cost of IT. Though that may fill the immediate need, those individually outsourced companies do not understand your IT as a whole, nor do they have your best interest in mind. The result is you being overcharged for products or services that you and your IT team do not fully understand.

That’s where Vertical Computers comes in. We do “Everything IT”. As your IT firm, we do understand your IT as a whole, and thus can make cost effective decisions in regards to sustainability and growth. Whether it’s networking, telecommunications, server management, cloud services, email, backup, or day-to-day support, we are there for you!

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